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Best Golf Courses in Texas

After a long day of wandering around in the great outdoors, you may want to take a load off by playing a relaxing game of golf. Because western Texas is a quieter corner of the world, the golf courses around our resort are some of the most peaceful you will find.

We'll help you decide which one you should venture off to. Who knows, you may find it in yourself to visit them all! If you're a seasoned golfer, it may be your favorite thing in our Utopia.
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Utopia Golf Course

Address: 20567 RM 187, Utopia
Distance from Utopia: 3 minute drive
Hours: 8AM - 5PM

Rates (per person)
Weekday (9 hole / 18 hole): $12 / $17
Weekend (9 hole / 18 hole): $15 / $20
Juniors / Seniors (9 hole / 18 hole): $10 / $15

The most accessible Golf Course near our hunting ranch is the Utopia Golf Course. Just a short drive (or even walk) away from Castlerock Ranch and Resort, Utopia Golf Course can make for an exciting afternoon with your family and friends!

If you don't feel like running all the holes, you can alternatively go to the driving range and rent a bucket of balls for $5. Great if you want to expand your skills or teach someone how to golf for the first time.

Frio Valley Ranch Golf Club

Address: 3064 River Rd, Concan
Distance from Utopia: 30 minute drive
Hours: 6:30AM - 8PM

Rates (per person)
$50 for walkers
$70 for cart riders

One of the most renowned golf courses in western Texas, the Frio Valley Ranch has been home to championship golf tournaments. While it is more pricey than the average golf course around here, it'll pay off when you overlook sections of Garner State Park in the distance.

After you are done putting around, you can head to the country club for a quick bite to eat. If that doesn't sound good to you, there are other restaurants in Concan to choose from.
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Memorial Golf Course

Address: 221 E Doughty St, Uvalde, TX
Distance from Utopia: 45 minute drive
Hours: 7AM - 7PM

Weekdays (18 Hole / 9 Hole): $18 / $13
Weekends (18 Hole / 9 Hole): $22 / $15
Senior (only on weekdays): $13

Visit the town of Uvalde's golf course! This quaint little stop will have you swinging your club with delight. This one is owned by the public, so the fees are generally lower than some of the other private courses. Great to keep in mind if you don't mind the drive!

Hondo Golf Course

Address: 703 Disoway Rd, Hondo, TX
Distance from Utopia: 39 minute drive
Hours: 8AM - 7PM

Weekdays (cart included): $20
Weekends (cart included): $24
Lessons ($20 per hour)
Seniors: (cart included): $16

The Hondo Golf Course is a privately owned attraction that you'll want to drive to if you have a passion for learning about golf. Formerly known as an airbase, the holes here are in open areas with zero water hazards. Perfect for beginners.

If you want to take lessons, they are offered by the instructors. Great for couples!
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Flying L Golf Course

Address: 566 Flying L Dr, Bandera, TX
Distance from Utopia: 43 minute drive
Hours: Contact at 830-796-8466

Prices aren't displayed on the Flying L website.

The Flying L Golf Course is a perfect golf course if you want to make a day out of your golfing expedition. They not only have a 9 or 18 hole course, but you can also play unlimited golf if you are willing to spend the money on it.
As you can see, these are all of the major golf courses within a reasonable distance from Castlerock Ranch. If they look like a lot of fun, pack your clubs and book a stay with us immediately! We take care of our golfers!

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