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Hunting in Texas

It should be no surprise that hunting is one of our guests' favorite pastimes when they arrive in Texas. There are a ton of hunting opportunities in our community, including on the Castlerock Ranch and Resort grounds! Our hunting guide will dive into all the details you may want to know about your hunting experience.
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The Best Texas Hunting Ranch

While you can go hunting on public land (such as Garner State Park), one of the best ways to find a prized catch is by taking a guided tour at one of the many hunting ranches in western Texas.

While there are dozens you could technically explore, we've highlighted the closest ones to Castlerock Ranch. Enjoy!

Castlerock Ranch

$150 for a Half Day
$300 for a Full Day

As mentioned before, we offer our guests amazing deals on hunting tours on our property. While the rates listed above are primarily for whitetail hunts, you can add an additional $300 (as the shooter) if you'd like to Hog Hunt as well. Non-shooters may attend at $150 a person. If you plan to stay with us, this is certainly your most convenient hunting experience.

Getting a Hunting License

Before you are allowed to hunt on public or private land, you need to buy the necessary permits and licenses to do the activity legally. Let's talk about it!

Do you need a hunting license to hunt on private property in Texas?

Truthfully, it depends on what you are hunting. Animals that are considered pests are free to hunt without a license. If you are coming here for a whitetail deer, though, you are going to need a license even if you are at our ranch.

Where do I buy a hunting license?

You can buy a hunting license online through the Texas Parks and Wildlife website. Keep in mind that online purchases will add an additional $5 to your total for processing fees.

Residents: $25
Non-Resident General: $315

What is the age requirement for a Texas hunting license?

Anyone older than 9 must have a hunting license if they want to participate in a hunt.
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Texas Wildlife

  • Whitetail Deer

  • Mule Deer
  • Pronghorn Antelope
  • Feral Hogs
  • Desert Bighorn Sheep
  • Armadillo
  • Squirrels
  • Rodents

What to Know about Hog Hunting

  • Be aware that hogs are aggressive animals. Be careful.
  • Wintertime is the best time to hunt these beasts.
  • They can grow bigger than you think!
  • While you don't need a license to hunt these animals, if you want a guided hog hunt tour, it will cost you almost double your usual payment at a private ranch like ours.
  • Make sure you are downwind of the hog, otherwise it will easily escape you.

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What to Wear Hunting

When you are roughing it, you have to be prepared. Make sure you are wearing warm clothes, especially in the winter months. Hunters generally recommend the following:
  • An insulated coat and pants
  • An insulated hat
  • Orange safety vests
  • Sweater
  • Jacket
  • Hiking Boots
  • Thermals (if it's really cold)

Hopefully, we've been able to answer some of your hunting questions! We know you'll enjoy our ranch and resort so long as you can explore the property.

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